1992 July Forza International, Inc. was renamed to Honjo Estate, Inc.
Acquired the subleasing business of the Real Estate Leasing Division of Honjo, Inc. (currently Estate Kaihatsu, Inc.) and started its own real estate leasing business.
1995 July Honjo Estate, Inc. was renamed to Logicom, Inc.
1999 June Logicom, Inc. merged with “Honjo Management, Inc.,” an administration service company and its subsidiary Clay Street Capital, Inc. (California, U.S.A.) became a subsidiary of Logicom, Inc.
2005 March Logicom, Inc. was listed on the Hercules market of the Osaka Securities Exchange (currently TSE JASDAQ).
2009 August Established a subsidiary LC Partners Inc.
2014 August Relocated the head office to 2-1-3 Tateno, Higashi-yamato City, Tokyo.
2014 December Established a subsidiary LC Lending Inc.
2015 April Relocated the head office of a subsidiary LC Partners Inc. to ARK Hills (as a sub-tenant of Grosvenor).
2015 February Relocated the head office of a subsidiary LC Lending, Inc. to ARK Hills.
2016 March Capital and business tie-up with K.K. daVinci Holdings in real estate fund business.
2016 October Established a subsidiary Logicom Preparatory Successor Company, Inc. (existing Logicom, Inc.).
October Transition to a holding company structure.Logicom, Inc. was renamed to LC Holdings, Inc.Logicom Preparatory Successor Company, Inc. was renamed to Logicom, Inc. and succeeded profit business sections by the corporate spin-off.
2017 March Affiliated company "Da Vinci Holdings Co., Ltd." changed its trade name to "DA Holdings Co., Ltd." Head office moved to ARK Hills
2018 August Established a subsidiary GLOME CONNECT, INC.
2018 September Established a subsidiary GLOME PLUS, INC.
2018 December Established a subsidiary GLOME STAY, INC.
LC Holdings concluded a share transfer agreement with CRE to acquire all issued shares of LogiCom, Inc., making it a 100% subsidiary of CRE. There were no prior capital or personal ties between CRE and LogiCom.
2019 October Changed company name from “LC Holdings, INC.” to “GLOME HOLDINGS, INC.”
Changed company name from subsidiary "LC Medicom, INC." to “GLOME MANAGEMENT, INC.”

(As of Octorber 1, 2019)